The quality of food products is directly related to their production process. The more we take care of each stage, the better the final product will be. This reigns true for eggs, and it’s why there is a strong tendency for folks to purchase free-range and cage-free eggs.

Reflect the meticulous care given to the hens at Fortunata:

“In the family quest to consume eggs that would not weigh us down, La Granja Fortunata was born in 2018, with the dream that our egg would have the best nutritional contribution amongst all other offerings. To achieve this, we paid great attention to every detail of our processes, always seeking the best conditions for our hens: without transgenic foods, pesticides, chemicals or antibiotics. And so, a few years later, we are encouraged to share our small fortune with you: a light egg, with an intense color, a shiny yolk and exceptional flavour”.


We decided to use storytelling in the style of fables to share all the attributes of our farm, both in written and visual form; and an illustration system was developed to complement the packaging, specifically, the woodcut engraving, since this has been widely used in fables and stories. And why a fable? To give life to our eggs and our farm, by connecting with our customers in ways familiar to them, but applied to a different context, that is more modern and current. In addition, this resource allows us to be both playful and educational: it makes the brand's storytelling more human.

The branding system takes into account three levels of complexity, the most synthetic for the illustrated icon, the intermediate one that accompanies the main part of the packaging (front) and, finally, the illustration containing a higher level of detail, which accompanies, on the back of the packaging the versed fable of Fortunata.

ILLUSTRATION : Ricardo Bustamante
GRAPHIC DESIGN:  Daniela Barrio de Mendoza
COPYWRITING: Enrique Longaray
3D: Oscar Gomez

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